Cardiac Catheterization LaboratorySeveral doctors performing cardiac catheterization

In 2002, a state-of-the-art Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory (Cath Lab) was established with half of the funding coming from charitable contributions. This facility enabled physicians and technicians to perform diagnostic procedures and offer treatment for several cardiac conditions. In addition to angiography—a diagnostic process in which dye is injected into the bloodstream so the heart and circulatory system can be viewed at work in live x-ray like images— many problem areas identified can be treated as well. Stents, angioplasty, and atherectomy are among the treatment options available.

In 2005, a cardiovascular ultrasound for diagnosing ailments of the heart and circulatory system was added through charitable support. This technology is more precise and accurate than ever before thanks to continuing developments and improvements in "imaging technology."" Cardiovascular specialists now have the ability to see and study the heart and blood vessels in amazing detail with several minimally invasive procedures."