Two generations meeting cancer patients' needs


When Sally Maison, a cancer survivor, began thinking about making a philanthropic gift to Bozeman Health Foundation, she had several clear objectives. She wanted to provide charitable support to Bozeman Health to benefit local cancer care, she wanted to receive a bit of income back in the form of annuity payments, and she wanted to realize some tax benefits at the same time. But most of all, Sally wanted to honor those closest to her who have dedicated their lives to supporting people with cancer. Sally’s daughter Jenny Welsh is an RN at the Bozeman Health Cancer Center. Her daughter Becky Franks is the Executive Director of the Cancer Support Community in Bozeman. All three women are passionate about the non-profits in our community and each of them brings true compassion and understanding to those facing cancer.

In recognition for Sally’s generosity, Bozeman Health Foundation was pleased to recently mount a beautiful plaque in the Bozeman Health Cancer Center, which, at Sally’s request, honors Jenny and Becky with her favorite quote by Hippocrates. “…to cure sometimes, to relieve often, to console always.” The plaque, the gift, and the quote are a thoughtful way to honor and describe her caring and inspirational daughters.