Cancer Center Infusion Annex Grand Opening


On Thursday June 7, a group of nearly 50 people gathered for the grand opening of the new Cancer Center Infusion Annex. Jason Smith, Executive Vice President of the Bozeman Health Foundation and Liz Lewis, Chief Operating Officer of Bozeman Health shared remarks expressing their gratitude to the donors for their generous support helping bring this new space to life.

Dr. Jack Hensold, Bozeman Health Hematologist and Oncologist, took a few moments to explain why this expansion was so important to cancer care and our expanding community. He also explained how important it is for non-cancer patients to have a separate area where they can be treated helping to ensure that those with cancer are able to avoid potential infections.

Donors were given a private tour of the space and each shared their personal motivation for their contribution towards this expansion and unveiled their plaques. It was an emotional evening hearing the first hand stories of each donor, how cancer has touched them and inspired them to contribute.